These days I'm working on...
  • ...quoth, a dynamic interactive fiction system, with an eye toward musical livecoding. I also plan to make it the first application of...

  • ...Spoon, a minimal yet extensible Smalltalk operating system that I'm writing. We've got it booting PCs from live CDs now.

  • ...helping Roger Gregory revive the Smalltalk ("Gold") version of Xanadu.

  • ...serving on the Squeak Foundation board of directors.

  • the monthly Squackers ("Squeak Hackers") meetings, on first Wednesdays. You're invited... RSVP.

  • a weekly jam session on Thursdays. Again, you're invited! Recorded and broadcast if people are cool with it.

  • ...various and sundry studio recording and composing. Some programming to synchronize a computer and recorder. Creating an absurdly dishonest but technically flawless recorded guitar version of Paganini's 24 caprices, one note at a time.
      In the past I was working on...
  • ...Hyperscope, the next chapter in the continuing saga of human augmentation as envisioned and led by Doug Engelbart (inventor of hypertext and the computer mouse). Also maintaining the Smalltalk version of the NLS/Augment client.

  • ...playing electric bass guitar in a band with a couple of friends, at the Monday night open-mic sessions at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco.

  • ...playing bass and bunch of other things in the band "dud".

  • ...playing drums and guitar and singing in an as-yet-unnamed band with Tim Walters.

  • ...development of a weather monitor with Dan Ingalls, the implementor of the original Smalltalk virtual machine.