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het Soirée van Noise

WHAT: a local jam session in Amsterdam connected to another in San Francisco, broadcast on local radio in both places, and on the Net
WHEN: the evening of Wednesday, 23 October, 2002, 2100 to 0400 Amsterdam time (5-6:30pm pacific time)

Het Soirée van Noise has ended. It was fantastic! Stay tuned for recordings...

WHY: indeed!
WHERE: RSVP to Bråm. You can also listen to the Amsterdam feed at DFM or Radio 100, and the complete mix at KZSU.

      Way back when, someone was heard to say...

      Please join us for het Soirée van Noise. This event is part of the annual Day of Noise, twenty-four hours devoted to a worldwide broadcast of live sounds, with emphasis on the improvised, the creative and the experimental. This eighth Day of Noise begins at 1900 GMT on Wednesday, 23 October, and ends at 1900 GMT on Thursday, 24 October (noon to noon, pacific time).

      The Day of Noise originates from KZSU 90.1 FM, the radio station of Stanford University, near San Francisco, California, USA. In past years, the Day of Noise has focused on some of the best and brightest (and worst and darkest) of the San Francisco Bay Area's sound artists...

      One such group of artists participating this year is the improvised sound ensemble SKIZMZ, fresh from their infamous appearance at the San Francisco Found Objects Festival. Their slot in the Day of Noise is from 0000 to 0130 GMT on Thursday, 24 October (5-6:30pm on Wednesday the 23rd, pacific time). One of their members, Craig Latta, finds himself in Amsterdam, far away from the rest of the group. He's not about to let this stop him from playing with them, however.

      In fact, it'd be a good idea if you played, too. Through the prodigious connectedness of Bråm, there will be a local jam session in Amsterdam, connected to KZSU online via DFM Radio-Television International, and simulcast on the air in Amsterdam over Free Radio 100 Amsterdam. Please contact Bråm for the location.

      If you can't make it in person, you can listen online to the Amsterdam feed at DFM or Radio 100, and the complete mix at KZSU. Please also let us know of other online sites which might like to join in.

      We hope to hear from you!