Welcome to NetJam.ORG. I'm Craig... I create things.

      I'm a composer, of jazz, hard rock, classical, and noise audio works, and a satirist in various media. I'm also an avid guitarist, traps and African drummer, digital photographer, sound recordist, graphic artist, computer scientist (day gig alert!), and collector of titles. I'm synaesthetic.

      I like to work with interesting sound sources and visuals, object systems, and communication networks. I'm writing vocal jazz works and improvised group works for various settings.

      A while back I started NetJam, a musical collaboration network for the Internet. It's groovy-- or rather, it could be. It's one of those pet projects that hasn't been fed for some time... please bug me about it. :)

      This website is the inevitable replacement for my Plan. I think I like this format, because it gives me many more opportunites to insert subliminal references...

      Please write, especially if you like doing internetworked music jamming, and you have the equipment for it. :) But even if you don't, please write! I am usually online from 0800 to 2000 UTC.

      take care,