Context! It's a minimal object programming system derived from Squeak, with new approaches to organization, collaboration, and deployment.

      Context is the system I want for writing and distributing software. Initially, it has only that needed for a new programmer to start and extend it easily. This includes a module system, with which any Context system may provide code and data to others. Each module is a live object, and coordinates the direct synchronization of providing and consuming systems.

      The very smallest object memory snapshot I've made is 1,337 bytes long. An interesting intermediate result of this work has been "session imprinting", the transfer of compiled methods directly from one system to another as a side-effect of running them, without needing to compile source code.

      Context is currently beta software. I would very much appreciate feedback and help with design and implementation! There is a preliminary release available, as well as a draft of the Context book.

      There's a Context mailing list, where I've posted progress reports with design details (you can read them in the list archives). There's a Context IRC channel, channel #thiscontext at I listen to it whenever I'm at the computer (typically 0900 to 2100 GMT). Finally, check out my blog, "thisContext", for recent news and documentation.

      Craig Latta
      Monday, 31 March 2014